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London Pink Singers+Beijing Shining Jazzy Chorus伦敦粉红合唱团支持北京三棱减...

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视频: 伦敦粉红合唱团支持北京三棱减一合唱团  , http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNjE1ODg4NTky.html

LGBT choir news

LGBT Choir 5th Anniversary Concert @ Penghao Theatre, Beijing, on Sat 19th Oct

Event: Beijing's Shining Jazzy Chorus 5th Anniversary Concert
*When*: Saturday, October 19th, 3PM
*Where*: Penghao Theatre, 35 Dongmianhua Hutong off Nanluoguxiang
*Ticket Price*: Free Entry, donation welcome
*Reservations* : Email your name and phone number to bjlgbt.chorus@gmail.com to reserve your place,
info from "Roy 汪若愚" landyvanroy@gmail.com

Founded in 2008 at Beijing, the Shining Jazzy Chorus is now, with around 30
voices, the only public performing LGBT chorus in mainland China, the first
GALA* member in Asia, and one of the cofounders of Proud Voices Asia**.

With a wide ranging repertoire from classical music to folk, jazz and pop,
the chorus's aim is to challenge society's preconceptions of the
stereotypical image of a gay person, while providing a social network for
its members and audience.

The Shining Jazzy Chorus will be accepting donations on the concert, for
its 2014 development projects, like helping another Chinese city to found
LGBT chorus, attending the 4 yearly European LGBT chorus festival, etc.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cxt1qMhilwM (alternative)

This is a bilingual event.

*GALA = Gay and Lesbian Association of Choruses (www.galachoruses.org)
** http://asia.proudvoices.org/about-EN.html

*Concert Programme*:

1. Birthday Ode for Queen Mary "Come Ye Sons of Art", Z. 323: IV.
Ritornello and chorus. Come, ye sons of Art, come away
Lyricist: Nahum Tate (1652-1715), Composer: Henry Purcell (1694)

2. "Morning Hymn"
Lyricist and composer: Richard Rogers

3. "Happy Birthday to You"
Lyricist and composer: Patty Hill & Mildred J. Hill (1893)
Arranger: Yuan Ye (2013)

4. "Somewhere"
Composer: Leonard Bernstein, Lyricist:Stephen Sondheim, Arranger: William S.

5. "Day Tripper"
Lyricist and composer: John Lennon and Paul McCartney, Arranger: Jonathan Rathbone

6. "Wait for You to the Dawn"
Traditional Kazakh song, Lyricist: Wang Luobin, Arranger: Qu Xixian

7. "Hook of Crescent"
Lyricist and composer: Li Yinghai, Arranger: Yao Mingxin

8. "Chrysanthemum s Terrace"
Lyricist: Fang Wenshan, Composer: Jay Chou, Arranger: Jin Wei

9. Tōrō Nagashi (Lantern-floating) : III. Wata no hara (Over the wide sea)
To the victims of the 2011 tsunami, and to their surviving relatives
Lyricist: Ono no Takamura (802-853), Composer: Peter Bird (2011)

10. "Molly Malone" ("Cockles and Mussels" )
Traditional Irish song (1883), Arranger: Philip Lawson (1999)

11. "Happy Together"
Lyricist and composer: Alan Gordon and Garry Bonner, Arranger: Gitika Partington

12. "Climb Every Mountain"
Lyricist: Oscar Hammerstein, Composer: Richard Rodgers

video: London Pink Singers support the Beijing Shining Jazzy Chorus 伦敦粉红合唱团支持北京三棱减一合唱团, uploaded at Youku, see: v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNjE1ODg4NTky.html . Also on Youtube  at www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cxt1qMhilwM

= = =

很多同志合唱团视频在土豆网,搜索 “gay men s chorus” 就能找到。用:http://www.soku.com/t/nisearch/gay%20men%20s%20chorus,
Youku 优酷, (gelatiao58  同志 合唱团): http://www.soku.com/search_video ... 8%E5%94%B1%E5%9B%A2

Also see videos of members of GALA choruses: LGBT choirs 同志合唱团 , http://www.en968.com/bbs/forum.p ... &extra=page%3D1

also see:
*** video on Queer Comrades about Shining Jazzy Chorus / Beijing LGBT Chorus' Oct 2013 performance:www.queercomrades.com/en/news/china/china-lgbt-chorus/
三棱减一合唱团 Shining Jazzy Chorus - Beijing LGBT Chorus (choir LGBT 男同 女同 同志 gay) ,v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNjYyNjQwODU2.html , www.tudou.com/programs/view/jbQfOe0FrTs/
video and article about a Seattle Men's Chorus director, Eric Lane Barnes--"Capt Smartypants"---going to Beijing to work with Shining Jazzy Chorus: www.hatchfund.org/project/beijing_lgbt_chorus_workshop,
plus his video---after the visit (??): vimeo.com/72255225
article in Time Out Beijing about Shining Jazzy Chorus' Oct 2014 concert:www.cityweekend.com.cn/beijing/articles/blogs-beijing/LGB...
Shining Jazzy Chorus performance of "Shenandoah" and other songs , video.sina.com.cn/v/b/60065186-2365879092.htm

The Shining Jazzy Chorus is part of the Gay and Lesbian Association of Choruses (www.galachoruses.org)
The Shining Jazzy Chorus is also part of Proud Voices (LGBT choirs in Asia, incl. China & Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Philippines), asia.proudvoices.org/about-EN.html
South Korea 韩国: Gay Voice, Seoul , gaychorus.blog.me/
Philipines 菲律宾: Pride Manila Chorus, Manila , hitadako.blogspot.sg/2009/02/pride-manila-chorus-audition...
Taiwan 中国台湾: G-major Chorus, Taipei , www.wretch.cc/blog/gmajortw/8755902
Japan 日本:
Aichi Gay Chorus 愛知ゲイコーラス, Nagoya , music.geocities.jp/aichi_gay_chorus/Choir Boys クワイヤーボーイズ, Tokyo , choirboys.web.fc2.com/Cantus Harmoniae カントゥスハルモニエ, Tokyo ,music.geocities.jp/c_harmoniae/Kansai Gay Chorus 関西ゲイコーラス, Osaka ,music.geocities.jp/kansai_gay_chorus/Memory Vocal Ensemble, Tokyo , ensemble-memory.org/Men'sVoice Kansai メンズボイス関西, Osaka , mensvoicekansai.web.fc2.com/Qshu Gay Chorus 九州ゲイコーラス, Fukuoka , twitter.com/QGC_2012Shinjuku Gay Men's Chorus 新宿男声合唱団, Tokyo ,www.geocities.jp/sinjyukudansei/top_page.html ,
Sing Out! Tokyo, Tokyo , www.geocities.jp/singouttokyo/
= = =
Beijing LGBT Chorus Workshop
by Eric Lane Barnes
The Shining Jazzy Chorus (三棱减一合唱团) is China's only performing Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender chorus. They were founded in 2008 and continue to slowly grow and build support through weekly meetings, rehearsals and concerts. I met members of the Shining Jazzy Chorus over the internet - they were interested in performances I have done with my vocal comedy ensemble Captain Smartypants, and expressed interest in several of the songs we performed in our show last spring. Last fall they invited me to visit Beijing to help them work on their repertoire and prepare for a concert. This seemed like a wonderful opportunity to help support a fledgling community in a country that is just now beginning to recognize and - slowly - accept the reality of the hundreds of thousands of lesbian and gay citizens living in China.
I have worked with many choruses, vocal ensembles and theater groups in my years as a professional director and conductor. There are few things more rewarding than seeing a performing ensemble attain new levels of artistic expression. I am looking forward to learning about Chinese culture and music, and seeing what new insights I may bring back to Seattle with me.
I will be spending a week and a half with the chorus, rehearsing with them several times, leading a weekend retreat, and meeting with the different directors and accompanists that work with the chorus. I am bringing an ancient Mandarin poem to set to music for the chorus; several members of the Shining Jazzy Chorus are eager to help me learn how to pronounce the poem so I will be able to compose appropriate music for it. I will also be bringing several vocal arrangements and compositions that have worked well with groups I have worked with here in Seattle and the US.
= = =
Shining Jazzy Chorus: Over the Rainbow
from City Weekend Beijing, 25 June 2013 , www.cityweekend.com.cn/beijing/articles/blogs-beijing/LGB...
Part performance and part salon, this is one feel-good event that will have you tapping your toes along with the sounds of the Shining Jazzy Chorus—the only publicly performing LGBT choir in China and the first Gay and Lesbian Association of Choruses member in Asia.
“The Same Rainbow Over Seattle and Beijing” is a silent auction peppered with small ensembles from the chorus singing a capella numbers such as “Happy Together,” and several gay anthems composed by Eric Lane Barnes, assistant artistic director of the Seattle Men’s Chorus, who will be in Beijing for the festivities.
We first saw the chorus last year during their fourth anniversary concert at Penghao Theater, and it was a grand time. In addition to singing, there will be a raffle and various games throughout the evening. The event is free, but you’ll need to secure tickets by emailing your name and phone number to bjlgbt.chorus@gmail.com.
After Chen, Roy, Faye and I met with Ambassador Gary Locke we spent a few hours debriefing about the meeting, the concert, and the future of the Shining Jazzy Chorus. Faye (who has been one of the music directors of the group) said to me, “Before you came, we never really looked at ourselves. Now we have a whole new perception of who we are and what we can do.” This, to me, was the best possible outcome of my two weeks spent with the chorus: an ability to look much further ahead and take on new accomplishments. I really enjoyed the musical and staging rehearsal time I had with the chorus, and feel we made good strides in lots of different performance areas. But to see them taking on new roles, new responsibilities, stepping up to the gay choral plate as it were – this is truly marvelous. I feel honored and grateful to have been part of this time in their history.
A plan is afoot to get the Shining Jazzy Chorus (about 12 members or so) to the GALA Choruses Festival in Denver of 2016. I think this is very possible, and would be a life-changing event for everyone involved. I will most likely be creating a new USA Project to bring me back to Beijing in 2015 with a camera crew.
= = =
China LGBT News / Shining Jazzy Chorus 5th Anniversary Concert
The Shining Jazzy Chorus, the first China LGBT chorus, takes up an important place in society. On 19 October, the Shining Jazzy Chorus celebrated its 5th Anniversary with a Concert at the Penghao Theatre in Beijing.
= = =
Shining Jazzy Chorus
A Beijing chorus of gay men. Music
by Dinah Gardner, Time Out Beijing,
9 Sep 2011, www.timeoutbeijing.com/features/Music/13015/Shining-Jazzy...

It doesn’t matter if you can’t sing, as long as you’re gay or lesbian and like a good melody, the Shining Jazzy Chorus will welcome you with open jazz hands.

‘It’s not just about singing,’ explains Ling Yu, the 28-year-old Harbin native who is co-founder and head of the choir. ‘We are not a professional choir and, if you just want to sing, I think you won’t stay for long. But, if you come here wanting to make friends, then I think you will have a great time and keep on coming.’

But that’s not to say the chorus isn’t serious about its music. The group, which was founded in October 2008, meets every Sunday between 11am and 3pm at the Beijing LGBT Center. I check out one of these sessions, and find that the first two hours are presided over by one of four teachers (two of whom are professional singers) who don’t pussyfoot around with their instructions. ‘Breathe properly,’ exhorts one camp teacher, banging at the piano and yelling over his shoulder. When members of the choir are called one by one to sing two lines from ‘Hua Fei Hua’, he gets straight to the point. ‘Why do you keep fluttering your voice like this,’ he mimics after one forty something man has had his turn. ‘Open your chest. Do you understand?’ The singer giggles nervously and tries again. The second two hours are when the choir just belts it out. At 3pm, the boys go for a late lunch together.

It’s a very different crowd to the one you might find on a Friday night at Destination. Shining Jazzy has grown from a mere ten members back in 2008 to about 130 people signed up to its group on social networking website QQ. Around 20 of these fans show up every week. Participating members pay a token annual membership fee of 100RMB, which goes towards the tuition fees. While there are no women – ‘we had a few lesbians but I think they felt lonely so now we are all men’ – it is otherwise a diverse bunch. The ages range from 18 to over 70, explains Ling. Every now and again, some foreigners show up. Everyone gets on well except for a few who were unlucky enough to find a boyfriend among the ranks of the choir and then later break up. ‘The choir always loses one half of the couple,’ laments Ling.

The music is classical and folk – both Chinese and American. ‘But no pop songs,’ the choirmaster insists. ‘Pop music is just about love. I love you. You love me. There really is no other meaning to it. But our music is deeper. It’s more profound.’

Ling has floppy hair, large, warm eyes and a very attractive smile. His slender frame belies a deep, resonant singing voice; it is slightly shocking when he breaks into a few bars from what sounds like a Chinese version of ‘Swanee River’ during the interview. He started singing when he was 18, partly because of the influence of his parents, who are both musically minded but unaware of their son’s sexuality (Ling Yu is a pseudonym – along with most members of the choir, he prefers to keep his sexual orientation private).

While anyone, gay or gay friendly, can join the choir or simply listen to them sing every Sunday, the group sometimes per form in public, although always in gay-friendly venues. ‘We have about six performances a year. We’ve per formed for the Chinese Center for Disease Control, Aibai [a gay web portal] and in some gay bars,’ says Ling, who adds they are planning an event for October to celebrate their three years in the singing business. Watch this space for details.

When Ling is asked where his dream venue for a Shining Jazzy performance would be, he replies without missing a beat: ‘Overseas to a gay audience.’ Does he ever dream about playing at The Egg one day? ‘No,’ he grins. ‘We don’t want to perform in a venue where we wouldn’t feel comfortable because we are a gay choir. We want to perform in a gay-friendly place. And, besides, we aren’t that good.’

Shining Jazzy Chorus meets 11am-3pm every Sunday at the Beijing LGBT Center
Its QQ fan group is 35784163. Email zg_sundew@163.com for more information or to join the group.
= = =
- - -
The Gay and Lesbian Association of Choruses ("GALA Choruses") is an international association of LGBT choruses founded in 1982. Its goal is to foster artistic and organizational development within its member choruses. The association includes almost 10,000 vocalists in over 100 associated choruses singing as male, female and mixed ensembles in a wide variety of styles. GALA Choruses produces a large festival every four years, in addition to a number of smaller annual workshops and conferences.
Notable member choruses
This is an incomplete list, which may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness. You can help by expanding it with reliably sourced entries.
The following member choruses attended the latest festival in Denver, Colorado.
A Company of Strangers
Arizona Women in Tune
Anna Crusis Women's Choir
Atlanta Gay Men's Chorus
Chicago Gay Men's Chorus
Columbus Gay Men's Chorus
Connecticut Gay Men's Chorus
Coro Allegro
Council Oak Men's Chorale - Tulsa OK
Denver Gay Men's Chorus
Denver Women's Chorus
Desert Voices - Tucson AZ
Diverse Harmony Youth Chorus
Dreams of Hope Pittsburgh PA - for LGBTQ and allied youth
Gateway Men's Chorus
Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles
Gay Men's Chorus of San Diego
Gay Men's Chorus of Washington, D.C.
Golden Gate Men's Chorus
Harmony: a Colorado chorale - Denver, CO
Heartland Men's Chorus - Kansas City, MO
Harrisburg Gay Men's Chorus - Harrisburg, PA
Insignia (Ensemble of the Miami Gay Men's Chorus)
Lesbian/Gay Chorus of San Francisco
Men Alive - Orange County Gay Men's Chorus
Miami Gay Men's Chorus
The New Wave Singers of Baltimore
New York City Gay Men's Chorus
Oakland-East Bay Gay Men's Chorus
One Voice Mixed Chorus - Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN
OurSong: The Atlanta Gay And Lesbian Chorus
Orlando Gay Chorus
Philadelphia Gay Men's Chorus
Phoenix Metropolitan Men's Chorus
Portland Gay Men's Chorus
Providence Gay Men's Chorus
Rainbow Chorale of Delaware
Rainbow Women's Chorus
Resonance Women's Chorus of Boulder - Boulder, CO
Reveille Men's Chorus - Tucson AZ
Richmond Men's Chorus - Richmond, VA
Sacramento Gay Men's Chorus
San Diego Men's Chorus
San Diego Women's Chorus
San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus
Seattle Men's Chorus
Sine Nomine - Denver, CO
Sound Circle - Boulder, CO
Tone Cluster - Ottawa, Canada
Triangle Gay Men's Chorus - Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill, NC
Turtle Creek Chorale - Dallas, TX
Twin Cities Gay Men's Chorus - Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN
Una Voce: The Florida Men's Chorale - Tampa, FL
Voices Rising - Boston, MA
Voices of Kentuckiana - Louisville, KY
= = =
LGBT choirs 同志合唱团 -- convenient-to-use embedded videos of various US / UK / Australian gay men's/lesbian chorus performances, uploaded on Youku 优酷 (China's Youtube):

= = =
see video: London Pink Singers support the Beijing Shining Jazzy Chorus   
视频: 伦敦粉红合唱团支持北京三棱减一合唱团  , http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNjE1ODg4NTky.html

see video of the Beijing Shining Jazzy Chorus participation in 2012 Shanghai Pride 三棱减一合唱团上海骄傲节之旅 at: v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNDMzNjc1NzAw.html


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